Chairman Media

Services to reach your potential

Content Creation

Content Marketing is becoming the most important and cost effective way of reaching targeted audiences online. Chairman Media is capable of producing high quality content that will help you engage with potential customers and brand advocates. We can help you with content strategies, article writing, and media outreach.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is important to all businesses, but for small and medium businesses, it can be difficult to manage multiple accounts. Outsource your social media marketing to Chairman Media and we will update your social profiles on a regular schedule and provide insightful reports that allow you to focus on growing your business and profits.


Advertising allows you to effectively reach new customers, but managing multiple campaigns is time consuming. Let Chairman Media help you manage and implement successful social media and search engine marketing campaigns. Together we can attract new customers and increase your brand’s awareness.

China Market Consultant

Need a representative for an event or tradeshow? Chairman Media is operated by Miguel Roberg. He has been living in China for over 5 years and he has extensive knowledge about marketing and advertising in China. If you are looking for a representative for your company or need advice about market entry, Miguel is happy to help create a winning strategy for your brand.

Corporate Training

Do you represent a Chinese company looking to expand overseas? Do you represent a foreign company looking to expand into China? Miguel has given corporate training to fortune 100 companies and can provide you with knowledge needed to succeed abroad. Rather is it cross-cultural management or international marketing, Miguel is able to provide interesting and interactive classes for managers at all corporate levels.